Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II

2019 CAF Program Overview

  • An FCC reverse auction program to allocate $2.15 billion to providers in exchange for deploying and maintaining voice and broadband service in high-cost areas across the United States
  • Only for certain eligible areas and specific locations pre-defined by the FCC, and based on Broadband Speed availability of less than 10Mbps x 1 Mbps
  • 10 years of support disbursed in equal monthly installments
  • Auction winning providers required to build 40 percent of assigned locations by the end of the third year of support
  • Required to have 100% built by the end of the sixth year of support


Chariton Valley’s Participation in CAF Phase II Funding

  • Won 847 FCC defined “funded” locations in the CAF Auction in Linn, Macon, Randolph and Shelby Counties
  • The FCC defined “funded” locations means support is for those locations only
  • $4.17 Million in support began monthly in June 2019
  • Buildout Obligations: 339 locations by 12/2022, 509 locations by 12/2023, 678 locations by 12/2024, 847 locations by 12/2025
  • To date CV has built to 567 locations or 67%
  • To date CV has spent $4.8 Million to build to the 567 locations, yet has only received $900 Thousand in support


Chariton Valley’s Commitment to Providing Broadband

  • Identified 365 additional “unfunded” locations passed during build of CAF
  • Not included in the funding awarded through this program
  • To date CV has built to 196 of the “unfunded” locations
  • To date CV has spent $900 Thousand to build to the 196 locations


To learn more about the CAF program, visit:


To view a map of the areas where service providers have accepted and will receive CAF support,