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A key component of doing good business is a good internet connection. But, what if you have a great connection? Fiber is considered the gold standard among internet delivery methods and can give your business a much needed boost.

Ideal Speed and Reliability

Slow internet can impact your business fast. According to research, a slow internet connection costs employees one week per year of productivity, and as you know, time is money. Lack of speed and patchy reliability can also negatively impact your service, making for a poor customer experience.

Bandwidth Capabilities and Speed Symmetry

Having high-speed internet and adequate bandwidth allows for quick access to the cloud. That’s important! Businesses are growing more internet reliant for data storage, file sharing, applications and more because the cloud provides businesses with off-site flexibility and efficiency. The symmetrical upload and download speed of fiber is a major asset. Balanced speed makes it possible to upload data as quickly as it is downloaded. Basically, fiber provides the speed and bandwidth necessary to effectively navigate the cloud and not end up in a traffic jam.

Accommodates Multiple Devices

Multiple devices are used by multiple employees at the same time. With fiber, your speed isn’t hindered by the number of devices using bandwidth, as fiber provides a nearly unlimited capacity.

Security Advantages  

Fiber also offers security advantages. Unlike other technologies, the only way to penetrate a fiber-optic cable is to physically cut the fiber, which will cause the signal to disappear.

Future-Proof Technology

As your data demands grow, fiber will be ready! It will handle the internet needs of your business for decades to come because the same fiber today is adaptable and sustainable.

If you want to give your business a boost, contact us today or click here to learn more about Chariton Valley’s business fiber plans!* Whether big or small, your business can benefit from fiber!

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