Board Candidates - Northwest Area

Mitch Peiffer, Incumbent

Bynumville Exchange

Nominated by Committee


Mitch Peiffer has served on the Chariton Valley Board of Directors for the past three years.  He is a salesman in the agriculture industry, serves on the St. Joseph School Advisory Board in Salisbury as well as the Syngenta Leadership Team, and is a youth coach.  Mitch has four children and is married to Patty Peiffer.


Message to the Members:

This is Mitch Peiffer. I’ve been a Chariton Valley member for 27 years and a Chariton Valley Board Member for the past three years, representing the Northwest Area. Thank you for that opportunity.

Over the next three years, your board will have several objectives; keep Chariton Valley a strong and progressive company, keep a positive net income, grow and diversify the company, manage universal support decreasing, replace copper with fiber to its members, extend fiber to new customers, manage Connect American Funds, and bring fiber to unserved areas, stay in contact with congressional representatives, understand new technologies like 5G, work with USF in all regulations, and finally, represent our 4,300+ members, 8,000+ phone customers, 6,000+ internet customers, 2,000+ video customers, 15,000+ wireless customers, and especially our 90+ employees.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ben Bell

Bucklin Exchange

Nominated by Committee


Ben Bell has lived in the Chariton Valley service area for 15 years.  He is currently an assistant vice president for Regional Missouri Bank.  He has previously held jobs as an educator and business owner.  He currently serves on the Bucklin City Council.  Ben and his wife, Kacy, have four daughters.


Message to the Members:

Hi, I’m Ben Bell. I work at Regional Missouri Bank in Marceline. I’ve been living in this area for about 15 years. I’ve lived in Excello, Jacksonville, and now I’m in Bucklin. I went to school in Marceline and also went to college at Moberly Area Community College and Northwest Missouri State University. I have degrees in Ag Science and Ag Education. I was fortunate enough to have my own business in this area, a successful home inspection business for a few years and then had an opportunity to go to work at Regional Bank and did that. In between, though, I had a couple of years when I was teaching at Macon County R4 High School in New Cambria. I was very lucky to get to spend some time in the classroom with some kids in the Ag Department…really enjoyed that.

I’m on the city council over at Bucklin and that’s a fairly new position for me. I’m learning quite a bit about that and it’s been very interesting to see how local government works. I also run a few cattle. I have an ag background, really enjoy the rural lifestyle and I enjoy the way technology goes along with the way agriculture has been going the last few years. And along with that technology, I can see how fiber in all the rural areas would really benefit all our customers in this area to help them grow their farming operations or their businesses.

I appreciate if you’d go online and vote for me, Ben Bell, as the Northwest Representative for Chariton Valley Board of Directors.

Thank you.

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