Board Candidates - Northeast Area

C.F. Pagliai, Jr., Incumbent

Excello Exchange

Nominated by Committee


Junior Pagliai has been an active member of the Chariton Valley Board of Directors for the past six years.  He currently operates a row crop farm and is a member of the United Mine Workers of America.  Junior is married to Connie Pagliai and together they have four children, ten grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.


Message to the Members:

I am Junior Pagliai of Excello, MO, director for the Northeast Area. I retired from Macon Electric Co-op and now I row crop farm just a small acreage.

Chariton Valley does a great job of giving good service to our 18 exchanges. Chariton Valley is doing the best job of getting broadband fiber to all the 18 exchanges as fast as weather, contractors and financial ability will allow.

I want to thank you for past votes and support and I would appreciate your vote to re-elect me next month.

Thank you.

George Murphy

Bevier Exchange

Nominated by Committee


George Murphy has lived in the Chariton Valley service area for 41 years.  George is retired from Macon Electric Cooperative after 38 years of employment.  He has also served as alderman for the city of Bevier, is a member of the Bevier Fire Department, and is active in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. He and his wife Marianne have one son and two granddaughters.


Message to the Members:

My name is George Murphy from Bevier, MO. I have lived in the area for 41 years, married to Marianne Perry. We have one son and two granddaughters. I am retired from Macon Electric after 38 years of service there. I worked in the member services department, mapping the outage restoration part of the co-op.

I’ve served as a councilman for the city of Bevier, I’m on the Bevier Volunteer Fire Department, and I’m active in the Bevier Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

I feel that I have the ability to listen to the concerns and issues from consumers and to bring those points to other members on the board.

One thing that I am kind of partial to is that Macon Electric and Chariton Valley have teamed together in a program called “Co-Ops In Action”. They have done numerous community projects in our combined service area.

If elected to the board, I will be there to listen to your concerns, to pass those on to the board members, and try to keep the Chariton Valley area in the top of the cutting technology at the lowest cost to the consumers. I would appreciate your vote.

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