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OpportunitiesMove over updated kitchens and walk in closets – fast internet is more important according to a 2023 study by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting and the Fiber Broadband Association. In fact, it ranks second among a list of most desired home features, only coming in behind having a laundry room.

A Few More Fiber Stats

The study also shows access to a fiber connection may increase a home’s value by almost 5%. On average, U.S. consumers require the following price reductions to consider comparable non-fiber properties.

  • 4.9% for a home
  • 3.2% for a condominium
  • 12.8% for an apartment

According to the same report, 63% of respondents consider fiber to be the greatest internet connection. Cable is second at a mere 24%. That’s a staggering almost 40% difference between the two.

But what does fiber offer that the other delivery methods lack to warrant these kind of results? The answer is most likely that fiber has the high speeds and reliability to keep up with modern living and sustainability to meet our future lifestyle needs.

Telework, Telehealth and Fiber

Fiber is essential for the American workforce. With over 40% of Americans working remotely full-time or part-time as of 2023, a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection has become an invaluable asset.

Remote workers favor fiber because other delivery methods can be significantly slower and far less reliable. And slow, less reliable internet can be detrimental in a work from home environment.

Even those who don’t work from home are now more likely to want high-speed internet for telehealth services. Five times more patients utilized telehealth services in 2022 than before the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number is expected to increase. Fiber’s speed and reliability will continue to play a pivotal role in delivering this service as it grows.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, fiber’s speed and reliability make it not only the better broadband but also the best. Its accessibility leads to better property values, better remote work capabilities, and better access to telehealth services. Of course, when there’s better opportunities, there’s better living. And having an internet connection that’s sustainable, too… that’s just a bonus!

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