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As a parent, it is difficult to manage your time. You work hard to provide for your children but feel guilty when you are unable to be home with them. You probably drown in fear during that precarious time after school when they may be home alone for a few hours.

You’re fortunate to have accessibility to landline phones and smartphones that allow for immediate communication, eliminating some safety concerns. But like most, your children probably don’t always answer your call.

Smart devices can add the layer of security you need and want. These devices are connected through a home network and controlled by apps, allowing for the automation and remote management of specific home functions. They have capabilities that far surpass standard devices and can lessen your worries.

Here are just a few examples.

Smart doorbells – Most smart doorbells are equipped with video surveillance, motion detectors and audio. Through the relevant app, you can be notified when a visitor is nearing your residence and respond as if you were home. These doorbells can serve as your eyes and ears in your absence.

Smart security cameras – Smart security cameras can effectively monitor your home, allowing you to remotely see what they see with a connected app. Also, some of these cameras come with valuable extras. The Arlo Go Mobile HD Security Camera, for example, includes night vision, HD quality detail and 2-way audio. Plus, you receive free cloud storage for up to five cameras, which provides easy access of motion and audio activated recordings from the past seven days.

Smart smoke detectors – Through your mobile device, smart smoke detectors can warn you when smoke is identified and may provide enough notice for you to promptly contact emergency services before injuries or significant damages occur.

Smart door locks – It is important your children don’t lock themselves out of the home. Smart door locks are passcode enabled and provide you with the ability to modify the code when necessary. Via the connected app, these locks can also inform you when someone enters the home.

There are other smart devices available that can increase your home’s security. Regardless of the smart devices you choose, you can be sure your smart home will operate efficiently with internet service supplied by Chariton Valley. Our fiber network is superfast, super affordable and reliable. At 500 Mbps, you will have the speed needed to accommodate your smart home.

So, let us help you be secure about your home’s security. Sign up for fiber internet today! If you have questions or would like to upgrade your existing internet speed, please contact us. We are always happy to help!

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