Chariton Valley Celebrates it's 70th Anniversary!

We are excited to announce Chariton Valley Telephone Cooperative is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year! Generations of members have greatly contributed to Chariton Valley’s success, and for that, we are truly grateful!

70th Anniversary Letter to Members

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70th Anniversary Giveaway Winners

We will celebrate you all year long! We are so excited to announce member only giveaways and donations to your communities beginning in February.  Keep checking back to see if you are a winner!

Chariton Valley continues to celebrate our 70th anniversary. As always, being active in our communities is important to us. When the Bevier Ball Association asked Chariton Valley to sponsor their concession stand for a night, we were happy to do so. They selected June 7th as the date (an appropriate date for our 70th 😊), and as an extra bonus, attendees received free hamburgers and hotdogs (up to $70) that evening. Watch for more 70th anniversary activities to come!

Recently, Chariton Valley donated money for additional picnic tables and trash receptacles in the Atlanta City Park.  The leaders of the community requested this to make the park more accommodating for their ever growing Annual Easter Egg Hunt, their Big Wheels event and Homecoming for years to come.

Like all co-ops, Chariton Valley operates under the seven cooperative principles.  The seventh principal is ‘Concern for Community’!   While focusing on member needs, we continue to work for the sustainable development of their communities.