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During the holiday season, shopping online has become the go-to move. It is convenient. You can locate just about anything you want, and it enables you to quickly compare prices between many virtual stores to get the best deals for your holiday gift giving.

According to, holiday online spending is anticipated to increase 16.2% this year, and much of this growth is due to, you guessed it, shopping from mobile devices. But, beware. Along with the perks of online shopping come some hazards, including online predators who make a sport out of stealing personal information or your money.

To limit your vulnerability, there are some safety strategies you can implement.

  1. Shop on recognized websites.


  1. Provide minimal personal information. Never give your social security number.


  1. Create ironclad passwords. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Avoid using information that is easy to discern.


  1. Shop online from home or where you know there is a secure network.


  1. Pay for online purchases with a credit card. Credit card companies protect against fraud, and money is not directly withdrawn from your account, like when paying with a debit card.


  1. Watch out for email scams. These emails may appear to be from reputable retailers, but they are not.


  1. Do your research. If you are shopping on an unfamiliar website, make certain the web address begins with “https” and that the lock symbol (without a slash or another caution symbol) is on the left in the address bar. Both indicate that the site is secure and encrypted.

Adding these preventative measures to your online shopping habits can help safeguard your personal information and money not only during the holidays but throughout the year.

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