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Working from home, whether telecommuting for an employer or owning a home-based business, definitely has its perks. Benefits such as fewer interruptions, a more balanced work life and less commuting are just a few of the many reasons laborers are gravitating toward remote work and home-based businesses. Furthermore, for some employers, incorporating telecommuting into a company’s work structure often leads to higher productivity, a decrease in staff turnover and a broader pool from which to choose talent.

Although there are many advantages, work from home careers are not without their challenges. Therefore, it is important that the right tools are implemented. Small and large businesses alike overcome many hurdles by using fiber optics for their internet connection, and home-based businesses are no different. You can access information about fiber availability in our area and discover why fiber matters here.

Below are just a few of the reasons why fiber connectivity can make working from home less problematic and more productive.

  1. Impervious to weather: With fiber optics, interrupted signals and outages due to inclement weather are a thing of the past. Unlike other types of broadband internet, fiber carries information by way of light, making it less prone to the negative effects of poor weather conditions.


  1. Speed: Fiber offers lightning fast speeds, making work processes, such as emailing, much quicker. It is also ideal for website connections because delays annoy customers, resulting in lost revenue.


  1. Security: Because each fiber customer has an exclusive connection, there is less disruption and more security. Plus, it is virtually impossible to hack into a fiber cable to pilfer service.


  1. Bandwidth Symmetry: Uniform upload and download speed is a major asset for those who work from home. Equally balanced speed eliminates lag time and allows you to transmit data as quickly as it is received. Additionally, with fiber, your speed will not be limited by the number of devices using bandwidth, as fiber provides a nearly unlimited capacity.


  1. Sustainability: Fiber is an adaptable technology that can accommodate multiple devices being used simultaneously as well as future innovations within the telecommunications industry.


Whether you own a home-based business or work for a company with flexible work options, fiber internet will provide the connection you need to get the job done. Contact Chariton Valley to go further, go faster and go fiber.


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