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The world of interactive smart gadgets doesn’t disappoint! We’ve all seen or heard about unusual internet-connected gizmos that can perform tasks that only a few short years ago were unimaginable, and with each passing day, more unique and specialized devices emerge.

Check out these smart devices that really exist!

  1. An Almost-Magical Mirror

The voice-assistant technology incorporated into the KOHLER® Verdera® voice lighted mirror allows users to easily manage the mirror’s lighting as well as other products with KOHLER Konnect®. Users can direct the mirror to fill a bath, start a shower at a preferred temperature and so much more.

  1. A Toothbrush and Video Camera Combo

Speaking of bathroom gadgets, the Prophix toothbrush has a built-in camera that allows users to view up-close video of their teeth on the corresponding app. And that’s not all. Users can identify areas of concern, snap photos for dental appointments, receive encouraging advice and more.

  1. A Remote Dog-Snack Shooter

There’s nothing unusual about a pet cam, but the Furbo Dog Camera adds a special twist. Beyond video monitoring, the Furbo system includes a treat dispenser that will launch doggie snacks into the air at the touch of a button. Tap the app and watch Fido leap for a treat!

As we await the arrival of telepathic smartphones, the assortment of unique smart gadgets keeps growing. Chances are you already own smart devices, and there will be plenty more developed that may appeal to you. Make sure you have the fast and reliable fiber internet needed to power all your devices now and in the future. Contact Chariton Valley to sign up for SuperFast internet today!

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