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Congratulations to Richard and Betty Mayo, Chariton Valley’s 2023 Cooperative Couple of the Year!

Richard was 22 and Betty was 17 when they first met at Clifton Hill Baptist Church on a Sunday evening. Betty was the first to notice Richard with his dark hair in his Navy service uniform. Richard was looking for someone to date. He was sitting just down from Betty in the same pew when she overheard him tell a friend he was looking for a date. She leaned forward and said, “yoo-hoo” and waved at Richard.

Thereafter, they went on many dates. They would go to the movies and out for a hamburger and soda. Betty said, “They could go on a date for $5. This even included gas in Richard’s car.” After dating for a year, they were married at the Clifton Hill Baptist Church on June 11th, 1960, at 4:00 p.m. The wedding and Betty’s dress were both simple, and Betty’s mom provided the cake and punch while Richard’s mother provided the flowers.

Richard said two things got him in trouble, “yoo-hoo” and “I do”! Now, they have been happily married for 62 years. Betty said they have been “very blessed” with their marriage and very fortunate. Because she was always easy to talk to, Richard knew Betty was the one. For Betty, Richard was the one because he always waited at the train station when she would return from school in Kansas City. She added his Christian faith, good looks and compatibility also made him the one.

The advice they have for married couples today is to have love, trust, and communication. Make sure it is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and remember when you say your vows you are promising God.

Richard stated while laughing, “I promised her nothing, and after all these years, I stuck with it.” Richard and Betty have four children, eight grandchildren, and 20 great grandchildren.

As the Chariton Valley 2023 Cooperative Couple of the Year, Richard and Betty received a $100 gift certificate to Ugo’s Pizzaland, our exclusive contest sponsor, and a gift basket and flowers from Chariton Valley. Thank you to all who participated! Congratulations again, Richard and Betty!


The winning submission below was submitted by Betty Mayo.

Our names are Richard and Betty Mayo and we have been a Chariton Valley customer for over 62 years.  We joined in 1960 when we lived in Clifton Hill and then we moved to rural Huntsville in 1975 and still on with Chariton Valley.  We will soon be married 63 years in June and all that time we have been a customer, we have never had any trouble with your company.  When the company had a get together for their customers for a picnic, we always attended and enjoyed the event very much.  We got to see friends and neighbors at this event plus the entertainment you provided.  Your employees have always been very friendly and helpful.  We are proud to be a customer.