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    July 3, 2018

    Chariton Valley Annual Meeting Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03 July 2018  Chariton Valley Implements Electronic Voting for 2018 Annual Meeting MACON MO – As a Cooperative, the goal is to involve as many members as possible in the governance of the Cooperative. In 2017, only 6% of the Chariton Valley membership voted in the annual Board elections. Electronic voting allows 100% of the members an opportunity to vote from the convenience of their own home, without having to travel, and […]

    June 28, 2018

    How Does Generation Z Impact the Telecom Industry?

    Generation Z, the group of young “tech savvy” adults who were born in the late 1990s through current day, has proven to be the most technology-friendly generation to date. CommScope reports, according to Sincera Consulting, not only have they contributed $44 billion to the US economy but their spending is estimated to increase from 25% to 40% within the next ten years. The more Generation Z’s digital consumption increases, the more strain it will put on […]

    June 25, 2018

    Smart Home Technology Raises Homes’ IQs

    To simply say, technology has made our lives easier, is a gross understatement. Many of us, ahem, a bit more seasoned, remember a time before technology exploded, when the internet was either non-existent or in its infancy and smartphones weren’t in the hands of everyone we knew. Our basis for future possibilities came from TV shows, like “The Jetsons”, and blockbuster movies, like “Back to the Future II”, all of which provided technological ideas and […]

    June 21, 2018

    Chariton Valley’s Fiber Expansion Plans Include Hannibal

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 21 June 2018 MACON MO – Chariton Valley’s (CV) aggressive expansion plan will bring gigabit internet service from Macon to Hannibal while taking premiere fiber optic services to several unserved towns along the way.  CV Board of Directors authorized this $2.5 million-dollar construction project as the demand for faster internet service is constant and the opportunity to expand the CV network is vital.  Progress is visible along Hwy 36 as construction continues […]

    May 25, 2018

    What’s the Big Deal About Fiber Optic Broadband?

    By now, you’ve probably heard about fiber optic broadband and its most recognized benefit, super-quick connectivity. But, what are fiber optics exactly, and besides the lightning fast speed, what makes fiber the preferred broadband option? Well, to start, fiber optics are thin, pliable glass fibers capable of carrying information by way of light. Unlike DSL (copper wires) and wireless services, fiber has the power and capacity to transmit the staggering volume of data transmitted every […]

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