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CV_Web_Content_About Us_Home_Building picChariton Valley Telephone Corporation is a locally owned and operated local exchange company providing state-of-the-art telecommunications services to businesses and residents in Northeast Missouri. Chariton Valley is leading the state and much of the nation with the offering of fiber optic network to the premise of its subscribers. With over 65 years of experience, Chariton Valley’s goal is to keep you in touch, logged on, entertained and communicating without complications at an affordable rate. “Keeping You Connected”…connected to each other and connected to the world around you.


The Chariton Valley Story…

The first meetings that led to the formation of Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation were held at the Macon Courthouse in the early 1950’s. Twelve incorporators were named, each of whom agreed to purchase one share of stock and contribute a certain amount of equity so that the company could become incorporated and begin business. It took about two years to get all the necessary papers drawn up and on November 22, 1952, the company was authorized by the Missouri Secretary of State to do business as a telephone corporation under the Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation name. Over the years Chariton Valley has evolved into more than just a telephone company, offering a full array of telecommunications services including internet, video, long distance and wireless services. Chariton Valley is leading the state and much of the nation with the offering of fiber optic network to the premise of its subscribers. In its 60 plus year history Chariton Valley has now had seven General Managers.

General Managers, Past and Present

  • 1955 – 1960, Earl L. Bennett

  • 1960 – 1976, T.L. Selmon

  • 1976 – 1977, Dennis Calhoun

  • 1977 – 1988, Robert Wright

  • 1988 – 2004, William Biere

  • 2004 – 2016, James Simon

  • 2016 – Present, Kirby J. Underberg

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Executive Team

Kirby J. Underberg
General Manager,
Chief Executive Officer

Standing, from left to right…
Jesse Estevez
Director of Operations

Jerry Grauel
Director of Construction & Engineering

Ryan Johnson
Director of Sales & Marketing

Tina Jordan
Director of Finance

Click here for our Board of Directors.

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  • Atlanta (239)
  • Bevier (773)
  • Bosworth (534)
  • Bucklin (695)
  • Bynumville (222)
  • Callao (768)
  • Clifton Hill (261)
  • Dewitt (549)
  • Ethel (486)
  • Excello (775)
  • Forest Green (481)
  • Hale (565)
  • Huntsville (277)
  • Jacksonville (295)
  • Macon (395)
  • New Boston (689)
  • New Cambria (226)
  • Prairie Hill (777)
  • Salisbury (388)


Chariton Valley (hereinafter “CV”) values the privacy of our customers.  Full disclosure of how we collect and use this information is not only a right assigned to our customers by law, but also something we provide as responsible proprietors of such information.

CV will only collect the minimum amount of information needed to effectively deliver or market services to our customers.  CV will only share data in a limited fashion and only when it directly supports our ability to deliver products and inform customers about products, or when required by law.

This document discloses what private information we collect, how we use it, and how we share it.  If you have questions about this document, please call 660.395.9000 and speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Information Collected

CV collects information from several sources, listed below.

  • Information our customers give us to do business with CV.
    • Examples include name, address, email address, billing information, services ordered, trouble tickets, account comments, and so forth.
    • This is information is used to deliver products and inform customers about products and services.  This information is generally retained as long as you are a customer and typically an additional seven years.
  • Summary information our systems generate so we can bill for services.
    • This information typically includes several different types of usage data, for example, logs of phone calls placed, tally of data usage.
    • This information is used for billing.
    • This information is typically stored for 7 years.  Much of this information is stored in summary format.
  • Detailed information our systems automatically generate to log technical issues.
    • This information is typically technical in nature but also includes phone numbers called, IP addresses, details of several different communications protocols, and usage of internet bandwidth.
    • This information is used to help troubleshoot customer equipment troubles.
    • This data is typically kept for less than 1 week.
  • Information to improve customer service.
    • CV records phone calls to our customer service center.  
    • These calls are periodically reviewed and used to improve our operations.
    • Calls are typically kept for 1 week.
  • Information we manually collect to troubleshoot customer trouble.
    • This information includes IP addresses, call data, call logs, IP network flows and other technical information.
    • This data is targeted to our efforts to diagnose specific service requests.
    • This data is typically kept only as long as required to troubleshoot a specific customer trouble.

Information Shared

CV shares subsets of private information with select business partners as required for those partners to perform specific tasks such as installation, training, and informing customers about products.  CV shares private information with technology partners that assist us with network implementation.  CV will share private information with law enforcement agencies when required to do so by law and when compelled to do so by a subpoena.

Our Commitments to your Privacy

  • CV will never sell your personal information.
    CV will never, under any circumstances, sell your private information to any company for any reason.
  • CV only shares your information with trusted partners for specific business purposes.  CV will only share your information when doing so helps us improve our services, provide our services, and inform customers about our services.  We will never give away your information for free or provide  your information to a company that does not specifically need it.
  • CV trains employees to protect customer privacy.
    CV trains all new employees on customer privacy when hired and conducts further training on an annual basis.

Your Access to Shared Information

Should you request it, CV will endeavor to disclose to you what private information we have collected and how we are using it.  To make this request please call 660.395.9000 and speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Opting out of Information Sharing

When customers acquire service they are given the opportunity to opt out of receiving information about products.  If a customer desires to change their opt out status, they should call 660.395.9000 and make the request to a Customer Service Representative.

Last Edited on 2016-09-12

CV reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

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